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The attached articles and narrative are for information only, represent personal thoughts and opinions at the time of the writing, and are not intended to be nor should they substitute for legal advice.

.  The amount of money involved in each case was small enough that no attorney could be interested in taking the case, and even if you could find one who would, the legal fees would undoubtedly exceed the recovery…

Telemarketing Caution – November 2003
The recent telephone “Do Not Call” registry has been all in
the news of late…

Fault-No Fault Insurances – August 2003
There’s been much sound and fury about Colorado’s decision to revert to a fault-based automobile insurance system on July 1, 2003… 

Is your organization “Tax-Exempt”?  How do you know? – July 2003
For an organization to be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code), they need to apply to obtain an appropriate ruling (or determination letter) from the IRS…